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Warnakati is the meeting point for business men and women, community leaders and community, not for profit directors and leaders and governments - national, regional and local to get clarity on the integration of risk, the notion of “Presilience®” and how self-reliance and self-determination and government support are not mutually exclusive.
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DARE for women

Find out more about our DARE for women self defence and empowerment initiative - coming soon.
Find out more about our unique and proven child anti-bullying and Kid's Presilience™ program
As the organiser for the annual PSG Conference, find out more about how Warnakti contributes to the discussion across the private and public sector.

Solutions that are needs driven and community led.

Specialised Training
We have developed DARE for Women and the KidSafe programs, in partnership with specialist organisations, to empower some of our communities' most at risk individuals. All our training solutions are designed to be fun, engaging and most of all, empowering.
Community Solutions
Warnakati Solutions can work with communities at all levels to generate solutions that are needs driven and people led. This includes our DARE for Women and KidSafe programs
Business Solutions
We help our people to “interpret and translate” the policy into the tools on the ground, including systems, people and relationships. As we have said before we are “needs driven, people led and community focused”. We value the opportunity to work with all in communities – on the ground, at council and regional government level and then individually to build skills.
Integrated Risk Management Solutions
Just as change does NOT happen overnight and is part of an overall community focused approach that recognises the impact of various stakeholders on various elements of problems and community challenges, we know that work in the risk space requires an integrated approach if it is to be effective.
The Presilience® Project
Presilience™ is the process of successfully preventing where possible, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from adverse, major business interruption events. Whilst Resilience is the ability or capacity to recover from harm; Presilience™ is a proactive process, which builds individual and team capabilities, such as vigilance, situational awareness and agile leadership skills, to enable the successful management of business interruption events for which documented response plans are often found inadequate or overly complex.

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