What is Presilience™ ?

Presilience™ is the process of successfully preventing where possible, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from adverse, major business interruption events. Whilst Resilience is the ability or capacity to recover from harm; Presilience™ is a proactive process, which builds individual and team capabilities, such as vigilance, situational awareness and agile leadership skills, to enable the successful management of business interruption events for which documented response plans are often found inadequate or overly complex.

How do we build Presilience™ in our Community and Workplace?

One of our partner companies, Risk 2 Solution, has designed and developed the Presilience™ program, which aims to allow organisations, to successfully prevent (where possible), prepare for, respond to and recover from, adverse, major business interruption events and crises. Unlike resilience, which focusses purely on recovery and the ability to “bounce-back” – which is extremely important – Presilience™ focusses on building the mental fortitude, across the whole organisation, to not only “bounce back”, but also to completely avoid crises, manage them effectively and minimise any negative effects.
Presilience™ focusses on the preparation phase and has proven to greatly minimise the adverse mental effects that a significant event or crisis can have on an individual. It also greatly minimises any adverse financial, reputational and business disruption effects which may affect the organisation, following a significant negative event or crisis, due to the mental preparedness of staff and other relevant stakeholders. In our experience Organisational Presilience™ is possibly the most effective tool an organisation has, following a significant event or crisis.
Presilience™ is integrated into all Warnakati training (particularly training for leadership teams) and its conceptual understanding and importance at the organisational level is stressed. However, at the same time, its importance to the community and people is vitally important, and special focus is paid to instilling Presilience™ at an individual level.

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