Integrated Risk Management Solutions

Change should be an integral part of an overall community focused approach, which recognises the impact of various stakeholders on various elements of problems and community challenges.

Change doesn't happen overnight.

In order to be effective, work in the risk space requires an integrated approach. As a core offering, Warnakati recognises this and provides holistic solutions to the complex area of risk management, through specialist partners.
Warnakati Solutions taps into its relationships with valued partners in Integrated Risk to offer “one stop shop” options - which are made to measure support not just an “off the rack” response.
Our Dare for Women and Kid Safe Projects are individually tailored for community needs and they focus in on the real problems rather than play at the edges. We have only just started to engage with community in this space and we are excited to see what comes next, what people ask for and where we might by lead by communities in the future.

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